Eat What You Want Where Ever You Are

Yes, that is true. Now you can eat whatever you want without worrying about where you are. My fafo and others have actually made it possible and whether you want to eat Italian or Chinese you can now get them all.

Travelling is more fun now

I love traveling and I am sure most of you would agree that traveling is the best way to learn and distress. However what used to scare me the most is not getting what I want to eat. I am very picky about my food and this used to be a big hindrance when I used to travel and this, in turn, used to limit my travel plans only to places where I was sure of getting the food that I want to eat.

Thanks to the websites; those have made it possible to get any type of food and any cuisine wherever you are. I had tried one of these apps and they not only let me choose the cuisine but also gave me access to the complete menu. I once wanted to eat Italian and there was a huge list of restaurants serving Italian right in front of me.

Get suggestions and reviews

You could check out the reviews and then make an informed choice. So let not your food cravings stop you from traveling. You have the option to try out something that you have always been eating or could also experiment with something new.

The best part is that ordering food has never been so easy. All that you need is your smartphone. Just download the mobile app and the restaurant list and the complete menu is right in front of you. The menu also comes with the price and this lets you make a choice that is well within your budget. Why not try out some of the recommended food posted by other fellow travelers?

So go ahead and experiment a little with your taste buds.…

Best Bags for Adventure Holidays

It is only natural to look forward to an adventure holiday when you have planned it meticulously. This is on most of the people’s list and most women have it on their list of 30th birthday with an adventure holiday topping it most often.  What could make an adventure holiday even more special?

Like-minded company – When you are planning these trips, company matters the most. The quality of the company is important as you do not want to spoil the fun with people who get scared of small things. You want a company who is adventurous and wants to try and pull all the risky stuff that is available out there.

Luggage and gears – When you plan a trip it is important to look up the place and find out what will work well for it. You need to carry lightweight rucksacks or backpacks if you are planning a trekking trip and you could indulge in an expensive carry bag if you are planning a romantic visit or settle for dry sacks if you are planning a fun trip. You could find out more about dry sack bags here.

There are bags and accessories that suit every destination and remain specific to some. A bit of involvement an research together will help you in putting together what you will need in a trip. For instance, there is no point in dragging a suitcase in a trekking or adventure trip. You need to fit in the schedule and this means proper planning will be necessary. A trip’s cost should also include all the luggage and accessory that will be needed for the entire trip apart from an allowance allocated to shopping while you are travelling as well. Also, it saves some amount of money when you shop where there are exclusive travel bags of great quality!…


Who doesn’t love a fun filled vacation? Bing on a tight budget does not mean you cannot go on a holiday nor have fun. You can save money on expensive airfares and plan a cost effective road trip instead. Despite being on a small budget, I finally hired a campervan and went on a trip to Scottish Highlands and it was simply perfect. The key to this is to plan correctly and in advance. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will help you have a memorable trip without having to splurge.

Don’t decide your route impromptu

Plan your route before you set out. Be prepared for a few wrong turns and longer routes but deciding which way to go is not good. You will end up wasting a lot of time and fuel travelling longer distances.

Always set a budget

Plan in advance how many days and where all you plan on stopping and how much expense to expect. If your budget is really short, you can set priorities and plan your budget accordingly. Fuel, car general checkups, a budget for unforeseen expenses must not be forgotten. You can carry non-perishable food items before you set out to save money eating out.

Don’t over pack: When you do not have a weight limit and an empty car to fill up, it can be tempting to carry extra. While you can throw in some extras, but loading up the entire car will make the place feel even more cramped up. Leave enough room in the car to stretch your legs or change your seating position.

Find entertainment that fits your budget: Do not go on that safari ride if it means shaking the budget for the rest of the trip. Look online and plan for whatever entertainment is available within your budget. There are numerous sites online that offer some great choices.


What to Bring When Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with your pet is an amazing experience because it lets you go anywhere you want without having to worry about your pet. However, it may be hard to bring all the essentials with you because you don’t know what to bring.  That’s why in this article we will teach you all the things that you should bring with you when traveling with your pet.


However, the one thing that we always recommend is to bring less than what you think you should bring.  If you bring a lot of stuff with you when traveling with your cat, it will just be a bigger burden and will make your traveling experience worse.


What to Bring


  1. Litter pads


When you are traveling with your pet we recommend that you bring litter pads with you if you’re going to be staying in a hotel because it will be a pain to keep on cleaning after your pet. By using a litter pad you’ll no longer have to clean up after your pet but rather just throw away the litter pad.


  1. Water bowl


We recommend that you bring a water bowl because it will make it easier for your pet to drink water out of the water bowl compared to drinking out of a water bottle.  If you don’t have a water bottle, you can always pour water into your hand and feed it to your cat this way.


  1. Cat carrier


A cat carrier is one of the best things that you can bring because it will allow you to store your cat in a safe place without having to worry about it. It is also a good idea to bring a cat carrier because it will let you store your cat under your seat inside a plane.  A cat carrier is the right size to be stored under your seat which lets your cat be with you instead of having to be with the luggage.


  1. Cat brush


A cat brush is recommended because it will let you get rid of all the fleas and insects that might be inside of your cat when you’re traveling. When you’re traveling, you are going to places that you have never gone before so it is more important to clean your pet regular when you’re traveling to avoid diseases and sickness.


  1. Cat toy


If you’re stuck somewhere and you should wait for a while, then having a cat toy is great because you have something to play with your cat while you’re waiting.  A cat toy is also great if your cat is feeling irritated because it will remove stress and let your cat have some fun.  The type of cat toys that we recommend are the ones that are attached to a string that’s on a stick that let you swing around and have your cat chase it.


Remember that your cat also deals with stress like we do, so we recommend that you do as much as you can to remove all the stress it may receive when you’re traveling.  Something you can do to remove stress from your cat is to play with it, pet it, and feed it treats.  Treats are one of the best things that you can bring with you because it will let you treat your cat to some delicious treats without having to go out of the way to make it become happy.




In conclusion, these are some stuff to bring with you when you’re traveling with your pet. Also, it may be troubling and stressful at first to bring your cat along when traveling, but we highly recommend that you do so because it will increase the bond between you and your pet and let you share some experiences when traveling.  Make sure that when you’re purchasing items for your pet for travel, it is approved in the locations that you’ll be traveling to because some countries and states may not allow some items that maybe allowed in your state or country.…

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Make Money From Your Vacation

Every likes to take a vacation and most people like to travel around the world. Traveling is a costly affair, however, these days one can make money if they are smart enough. It does not take much, all one needs are a camera and an internet connection.


Anyone can create a YouTube account and a channel and post video content on to it. One can make money by having ads before the videos. This is a boon for travelers who can post videos of places they visit, this would in many ways be helpful for future travelers and also make money as Google pays for those videos that have an advertisement in them.

However, one cannot just like that get many views and payments are made based on the clicks and views that one gets on their videos.

Methods to increase views:

  1. First and foremost, is to have good and regular content. A channel that keeps on updating new videos is exciting for the subscribers and is certain to have increased viewership.
  2. Spread the news, no one really knows what makes a video go viral, it is better to spread information about your channel to friends and like-minded people.
  3. Another easier way is to make use of social media marketing companies that help in increasing view count, this is where I boosted my YouTube view count. They are professionals and know very well how to get views and all views are genuine users. Thus the news spreads fast and one can start making some money.
  4. Once your channel gets popular keep updating it and interact with your subscribers via the comment Post what your subscribers ask for.

Thus one can use YouTube as a great travelogue and can make money as well and side by side. Who knows it can fund your next travel too.…

Tips To Plan Before Your Travel

When vacation is nearing, it is better to plan for the travel ahead. A trip that is planned well is enjoyed well than one that is unplanned. Here is what one has to do before the start of the trip.

  • Choose the destination by researching well about it. Google is the best for travel. There are various travel blogs which guides one about different places. So, do a complete research on where you like to go.
  • Once you complete researching about the place for travel, plan properly to cover all the travel spot in the place. If possible, carry a self-planned map along with you which holds the plan on which places will be covered and the route to cover the places.
  • If you plan to take a flight make sure you have the passports, Visas, and Ids required while traveling. If you have your passport but don’t have your visa, then apply and get it as soon as possible before you start planning it. One must understand that the visa application, processing, and their fees may vary from one country to the other. For example, if you are planning to travel to Vietnam, know the procedure and Vietnam visa fee for us citizens and proceed with the process.
  • It is better to get travel insurance. Certain flights and trains have insurance facility for the travel.
  • Beware of the diseases that can spread easily when you visit another country. So, try to immunize yourself for the dangerous diseases before you travel to another country.
  • If you are carrying any medicines have a properly written prescription from a doctor. This is very important as you may get caught if you do not carry them without prescription.
  • Plan the expenditures for the travel ahead and keep enough money in the traveling country’s currency.
  • Pack light and tight and enjoy your travel.

Happy Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Planning An International Trip? Here Is Your Checklist

There is hardly anyone on this planet that is not fond of travelling and exploring new places. Be it for professional commitments or family vacations, we all like to go for trips and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Where some of us enjoy calm and serene places, the rest like to visit adventurous and thrilling stations. No matter where you are travelling, within your country or abroad, apart from carrying the perfect attitude and excitement, there are many other things that you need to take along. It will ensure that your outing remains organised and secure at the same time.

Things to check before going abroad

You might be really enthusiastic for visiting an exotic locale in a few days. However, to have a memorable yet safe trip, it is ideal to invest some time to ensure that you have prepared everything according to the requirement.

Here is a checklist to make sure all your plans are in order, your stuff is packed properly and there are no hindrances restricting your plans.

  • Get your VISA and passport updated: It is important for you to keep your documents updated. Ensure that the passport has not expired yet and your VISA has been approved by the embassy.

  • Research on warnings: Wherever you are heading to, make sure that you find out that no warnings have been issued in that locale regarding any danger. You would certainly not want to land yourself and your close ones in kind of trouble.

  • Keep currency handy: Get good amount of currency exchanged while visiting a new country as you might not get the right place or time to do so once you land.

  • Travel insurance: You can also try to get your travel insurance done as your normal health insurance might not be covering this part.

  • Pack properly: Always check out the weather you would be experiencing while being in the new country. Once you are sure, pack accordingly and ensure to keep some extra pair of clothes.

So, wherever you are visiting next, from New York to Sydney and Vancouver to Dubai, ensure to follow this checklist and secure a memorable trip for yourself.…

7 Things to Do in Thailand

With so many options of things to do in Thailand deciding on 7 must-do choices is not easy. Some people want to lay on the beach soaking up a tan while others want to go mountain trekking. Whatever your choice is there is something in Thailand for everyone and that’s why this is still one of the most frequent places to visit by tourists today. The Similan islands are an amazing area to visit and explore with stunning views and tourist facilities all around.

This tourist spot caters for those wanting to taste the culture of what Thailand has to offer without feeling out of their comfort zone.  The floating markets are amazing and everyone must at some point when visiting Thailand come and check them out. Never before will you have seen such a hustle and bustle that the Floating Markets near Bangkok has to offer. The surrounding waters are murky but the life above the water is brimming with life and color, and if you’re looking for a place to stay I found a great villa in koh samui here.

There are fish of all kinds, fruit and a hustle and bustle feel in the air. Doi Suthep in Chaing Mai is a place with mountains that offer stunning views and surrounding countryside that is seen from the top of Doi Suthep. This place has loads of temple views and is a place of worship, mediation and for those wanting to take a trip to a timeless place in Thailand. Everybody likes the beach and with Railay Beach they can enjoy relaxing in the sun with a cool drink by their side.

This beach is one of the most tranquil places in the world and Thailand boasts that this is relatively quiet in comparison to other tourist hot-spots. The temple of Dawn known as Wat Arun is on the bank of the Chao Phraya River and is thought to be the place of the King Taksin. This historical building is somewhere everyone should visit when passing Bangkok.…