Live In The Ancient Tradition Of Thailand And Make The Most Of A Memorable Holiday

Thailand is an abode of ancient temples, Buddhist monasteries and statues, and royal palaces, well preserved and valued as remnants of the rich and colorful tradition of the country. A Thailand trip without experiencing this historical angle will be incomplete for any visitor with an eye for creativity. For, these places reveal the craftsmanship and engineering marvel of the ancient natives and how the new generation respects their exclusive ancestral treasures.

Resorting with the history

How exciting is it to catch the glimpses of ancient Thailand throughout your visit and relish in the luxury of royal guest service in our luxury villas! Our villas are attractively inspired from the palaces and monasteries of the country in design as well as management. The interiors speak of antique furniture collections without losing even the slightest charm and the bedrooms reveal the glory of our past.

Each suite is a palace in itself with all the comfort factors and can even be personalized to match the mind of our guests. Our managers and support staff will give you no room for complaints as they will be available at your service round the clock.

Outside gardens are no less in beauty with lush greenery and open swimming pools with crossing bridges dashboards. Enjoy our culinary in the open terrace, in the garden or in our restaurants. Open dining areas can be created for special guests for serving your big families. Our Koh Samui villas are near to historical sites and you can visit them easily while enjoying a walk at the same time – i found a great villa in koh samui here. The popular markets of the local regions are very conveniently located around our resorts.

We also have exclusive packages including expeditions which give deeper insights into our ancient lifestyle. What is more required to complete our country’s essence? Accept our invitation and have a royal vacation.