Remember to do these essential things when packing sex toys for travel

Travel helps the couple to build memories and reconnect.  It offers an opportunity to only focus on sex life without having any responsibilities when you are at home.  Some couple prefers beaches while some prefer snowy mountains. Regardless of where you are, the sole purpose of travel is to rekindle sexually and emotionally.

According to various studies conducted, most of the people are definitely more likely to get intimate with their partner when they are traveling than when they are at their home.  Travel always boosts one’s sex drive. Some of the couples would want to venture out of their comfort zone and try out new things. Sex toys are surely one way of heating up the passion.  Butt plugs are the most sought-after toys of many couples and it gives tremendous pleasure. If you are looking to buy those, you could check them out in

However, when you travel with these sex toys, you need to keep few pointers in mind. Listed below are few of them.

Keep your toys in a plastic bag-  Put all your sex toys like a butt plug, vibrator and so on in a see-through plastic bag so that when the security personnel opens up your bag, he will get to see what you are carrying. It is very much hygienic rather than having all his hands on them.

Keep the liquids in checked in baggage- You need to keep in mind that only 3 ounces of liquid are allowed while you travel. Hence it is better to keep all the toys cleaners and lubricants in check-in baggage. If you have bottles which are in larger size, it is advisable to transfer it to smaller containers and carry it along for your travel.

Carry smaller toys- When you pack for your travel, do carry small toys which can be easily packed and kept hidden in suitcase pockets.